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Holding Place Dear

I have not written here much. A lot going on in the world. I did receive good news Friday. Monarch Meadow is currently zoned as recreational conservation. It doesn’t mean we get to relax though. Our government has been thoughtlessly changing zoning on many a pristine place. In fact, with the sense of spae that comes from this news, I find that we need to use it to create a strong group to be able to ward off what might come next. Michael writes about holding places so dear. Love is about loving and cherishing. It can be painful and come at a cost. Blessings, Jennie

Dreaming the World

Spring_ShootsA lovely, chilly, raining day. It is good to have rain, as the Earth here has been quite dry, and the fire danger high.

Saturday Jennie and I hosted a workshop focused on using personal stories to nurture and protect beloved spaces. Those gathered shared stories of the places they hold dear, and the fates of those locales. Some of the places remain, others have disappeared under the miner’s or developer’s bulldozer.

Holding places as sacred is a risky business. So often, that copse of woods, lake, or deserted lot we grow to love are taken from us. Yet, given the opportunity, we humans seem hard wired to fall in love with landscapes, corner lots, and ecosystems. We form deep bonds with boiler rooms in a tenements or the Natural world, including parks; sometimes they are our only childhood refuge.

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A Sacred Weekend

SAMSUNG CSCThis weekend has been a busy one in our home. Both Passover and Easter were acknowledged. Michael wrote about his experiences in “An Easter Walk” seen here.

After Googling many a Haggadah -there are literally thousands of them- Reading through more than I ever have, Michael and I frantically cut and pasted what we hoped would be meaningful and honoring of the Seder story, including all relevant parts (This year along with the orange on the Seder plate, and Miriam’s Cup of water, we included olives representing the hardships of the Palestinians and of the bloodshed that has occurred) just as the children arrived-already hungry! A quick snack, and we were on our way to tell the story, relaxing as we are to do, in front of the fire, in our livingroom sharing stories and asking questions. In our family, we are mindful of the slavery that still exists in the world of all faiths.10-DSC01297 Continue reading