A Sacred Weekend

SAMSUNG CSCThis weekend has been a busy one in our home. Both Passover and Easter were acknowledged. Michael wrote about his experiences in “An Easter Walk” seen here.

After Googling many a Haggadah -there are literally thousands of them- Reading through more than I ever have, Michael and I frantically cut and pasted what we hoped would be meaningful and honoring of the Seder story, including all relevant parts (This year along with the orange on the Seder plate, and Miriam’s Cup of water, we included olives representing the hardships of the Palestinians and of the bloodshed that has occurred) just as the children arrived-already hungry! A quick snack, and we were on our way to tell the story, relaxing as we are to do, in front of the fire, in our livingroom sharing stories and asking questions. In our family, we are mindful of the slavery that still exists in the world of all faiths.10-DSC01297

Yesterday it snowed- A blustery and blizzardy kind of morning. Today, as the sun shone out on Easter morning, we went to our local Unitarian Church where I sing in the choir. It was a day of singing Alleluia. In all faith traditions we find a way to praise  Spirit. It is done with Alleluia. The Unitarians like to do this by honoring many traditions. It is heartwarming to hear our minister speak about and work to acknowledge people of all colors, traditions, lifestyles and faiths in a warm and open way- and not glossing over the places in which we struggle as a human species.

Afterward, Michael and I went out into Monarch Meadow, the meadow behind our home that is being threatened by possible development. Vermont is entering Mud season.  Tracking is now really possible. While still cool, the earth is warming up now. 13-DSC01300Soon we will be thinking about our gardens again.  Birds were flying and the Robins were singing. Squirrels are acting… well squirrelish. A few were bothered by our walking on their territory. We promised not to hurt or get in their way. Here are a few pictures.17-DSC01304  While we walked we met two very happy Golden retrievers and their owner (also happy at the warming air) and a few bikers enjoying the trails. It felt so good to be out in the air and to meet our neighbors in Monarch Meadow. It was a very Sacred weekend. And you? How was your weekend?


1 thought on “A Sacred Weekend

  1. Andrea Stephenson

    Having read about some of them before on Michael’s blog, I love the way your faith celebrations are so inclusive Jennie and enjoyed taking this walk with you. For us, we’ve spent a calm, still day on the coast, a very summer-like day at a local park and today, on the fish quay by the river the fog was so thick that the sea in the distance seemed to have disappeared.


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