Break A Leg 

A heartfelt and real experience of when the caregiver needs care. Very sweet. Very real.

Life with Becky

Yep, that’s exactly what I did ten weeks ago during the dangerous activity of gardening. Unfortunately no-one was around so I had to crawl the 150 feet back to the house to call for help. The bones were set and cast that day, but I was told I needed surgery.

I went home to take care of Becky and to make arrangements for the next day. Our friends jumped in to help, so after a sleepless night I headed back to the hospital knowing that Becky was in good hands. It was a long painful wait for surgery, but at 1 pm I was called in. I wasn’t nervous, I just wanted it over with so I could go home.

I woke up several hours later feeling sleepy and nauseous. I passed out several times but finally started to come around another two hours later. I called my neighbour to…

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